Use cases

Introduction for WP6

The objective of Work Package 6 is to create systems and components demonstrators, using the SiC components and modules based on Smart-Cut substrates and standard SiC wafers in the application areas of Automotive, Smart-Power-Grid, Agriculture machineries, as well as Industrial machines.

Use Case 1:
Traction Inverter for electrical vehicles

  • SIC power electronic unit for electric motor for high performance automotive powertrain
  • specified as an attachment for a modular electric axle
  • compatibility with 800V battery, up to 600A peak output 
  • integrated thermal management and EMC
  • the inverter controls the energy flow between the high-voltage network and the electric motor. The inverter pulse-modulates the power modules in order to produce a 3-phase current output with adjustable frequency and amplitude
  • high level of integration, with weight and volume reduction

Use Case 2:
Bidirectional On-Board Charger for electrical vehicles

  • fast charging system up to 22kW for Automotive, with grid compatibility 110 V/220 V, mono- or tri-phased, adapted for up to 800V batteries
  • new bi-directional feature (additional vehicle-to-grid feature compared to nominal grid-to-vehicle mode), to support sustainable integration of battery vehicles in smart grid network and the development of renewable energy sources
  • high level of integration, with weight and volume reduction
  • efficiency improved thanks to patented topology, modular HW & SW platform and SiC power modules
  • strong collaboration between VSeA and L2EP to achieve a stable and robust interaction between the vehicle and the grid and to reveal new enhanced value-added features in the chargers

Use Case 3:
DC/DC converter for precision farming

  • bidirectional 700V SiC DC/DC converter with multiple low voltage 48V -12V
  • stands as power supply to tractor auxiliaries and implements agriculture machinery
  • high power range in the Safety Extra Low Voltage Range (SELV) up to 20kW @48V, 2.4kW @12V
  • efficiency targets > 92% @ 48V
  • for innovative hybrid and full electric tractors, aiming to reach high efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, improvement in emission and precise control

Use Case 4:
Industrial machine battery charger

  • fast supply charger for battery powered excavators and generally for machines with battery electric drive train used in building constructions in civil engineering and agriculture contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving a low-carbon society
  • efficient 96VDC single-stage 3-phase AC/DC power converter with PFC, output power up to 20kW with supplied input 3x 400VAC, 50Hz grid
  • clever modulation of switching duty cycles resulting in harmonic input currents minimizing distortion of smart grid network preferably with renewable energy sources
  • constant output power for 3-phase input without energy storage capacitors
  • efficient collaboration between BUT, IMA and ST to achieve reduced volume and weight by high level integration of SiC power modules
  • integration of the charger into the smart environment with data processing in cloud with a new software for charger remote control development
  • supervising dashboard realized as a web application with security and safety aspects included

Use Case 5:
HV DC/DC converter for photovoltaic string

  • independent PV string control for power optimization
  • 3D power technology transformers, with improved use of the magnetic field, for high efficiency
  • high DC output voltage (1500V), which reduces the losses and costs of the DC bus
  • cost reduction of the inverter on the grid connection point